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storm prep and productivity

Preparedness & Projects & Productivity


Tropical Storm Ian has made landfall this week in Florida and here in Coastal Carolina’s we are expecting heavy rains and high winds.  Make sure you are prepared for Hurricane Season.  To stay up-to-date on the latest conditions visit The National Weather Service in Wilmington’s Website by Clicking this link.  Wilmington National Weather Service.  

The CDC offers a great resource for preparing for storms on their website, but a few quick tips:-charge phones and flashlights, make sure you have plenty of water, and have a plan.  Planning ahead is imperative.  Click this link for the CDCs tips for storms.

Rainy Day Projects: Office Decorating Tips to Maximize Productivity

Preparing for a storm is the most important message in this blog.  


But if you get stuck inside and want to stay creative while keeping anxiety at a minimum, while staying SAFE, why not consider organizing your home office.  Staying busy can help to minimize stress and anxiety if you have any… and this room, which may be a desk in a bedroom or a full dedicated space, can offer the perfect solution.

We’ve all learned tips on sheltering at home since the COVID-19 pandemic, but here are some quick tips to keep you busy this winter or storm season too.

Office Tips to Increase Productivity:

  1. Ergonomics. — be comfortable and sit with good posture on a supportive chair and at a space where you are ergonomically correct.
  2. Opt for Larger Surfaces- Check out how Carissa and Tammy created their large surface in their new office space by putting their desks together.
  3. Declutter- this is a task in and of itself for our marketing gal, the clutter stacks up throughout the week, but by making a clean and clutter free space, work can be less distracting.
  4. Incorporate Live Plants- and if you have a black thumb, try some succulents.  Plants go a long way in supporting a stress free zone.
  5. Create Communal Space- add a chair for a client, create a space to sit and relax if you can, if not, get up and walk around every hour or so to make your own community.
  6. Repurpose Your Furniture- Carissa and Tammy took their old desks and spruced up the environment with a coat of chalk paint.  The color pops in their new space.
  7. Organize : see tip 3.  Put things where they belong.
  8. Get creative with lighting- check out our modern lighting.
  9. Add personal pieces- our family, children and friends surround us in our space. Or find that special painting.  OR just enjoy the space of empty walls.  It’s your office.  You do what will make you happy!
  10. Take Breaks- making sure to recharge is important! Grab and apple or snack and a water and remember to take a little break now and then.


Don’t forget to make sure you are prepared for the storms we get here in the south… that’s most important.  And as always, thanks for reading. At Ebersole & Kelley, we’re part of our community, and Bringing You Home is not just our motto.  It’s our way of life.

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