All I want right now is to be at the beach!

Thank YOU! Ebersole and kelley real estate team

Ebersole & Kelley Real Estate Team is your team for all things real estate.  One of our clients from this year, found herself, like many people during the COVID-19 Pandemic and subsequent shut down of 2020, anxious and unsure.  She found us through a referral.  And here is how we were able to help her and her family find the sun.  This is her story in her words:

“All I want right now is to be at the beach!”

The streets in Western Pennsylvania were empty, a state of emergency declared for the whole world.  I’d lost some major contracts, and was sitting in my living room, alone, wondering how I, and everyone else was going to make it through this crisis. 

Luckily, with nothing but time on my hands, other than search for jobs, caring for my girls and my dog, and trying to freelance a little…. I had nothing else to do.  But like most people, I found a hobby; and mine was to begin a transformation.  A recreation of the life that I had vs. the life that I wanted.  What did I need?  

The first of my basic needs were sunshine and the power of Mother Nature.  And while, Western PA is a beautiful place that I called home for many years, in the gray of March, stuck at home during a scary time, the gray was just not cutting it for us.  I sat up and said to my daughters: “All I want right now is to be at the beach!” And so it would be.

I had settled on moving to the Wilmington, NC area because of the weather, and because for whatever reason I was always drawn to NC.  I should-a, would-a, could-a moved here several times in my life – at 18 for college, or 22 for a job…. But I never did, and well, that’s when life took me in other directions.  So, instead of sitting on all of my what-ifs, I decided it was time to ask myself what I wanted to do with my life to be the best human being I could be.  

Now, I realize this is a blog about real estate, so I’m going to spare the dramatic and yet completely mundane details of coordinating a move, but it was by the grace of the Universe, that I was referred to Carissa Kelley and Tammy Ebersole through a mutual friend and Carolina Beach business owner.

This was my experience with Ebersole & Kelley:

This is my experience:  Packing my life, and children and pets reminded me of a tornado. Life continues during the real estate process, which made me that much happier with  level of service that Carissa gave to me. She listened to my needs, and as we determined what details worked for me and my life, and what didn’t.  Things like  location, price (obviously) and requirements of the home, she went to work, with patience and diligence.  And it was a long process for me.  

And although it took me several months and many, many emails and texts.  Carissa was prompt and patient; professional and always with a smile on her face.  Just like what I needed during those gray Western PA Pandemic days of Quarantine, she was sunshine.  

I am grateful for my experience with Ebersole & Kelley Real Estate Team.  I am now the proud resident of the Wilmington area, and we absolutely LOVE our new home.  

But don’t just take my word for it.  There are a lot of us out there who found more than a house through our work with the Ebersole & Kelley Real Estate Team, we found a home.  And anytime I want to, I can go to the beach!  Thank you to the team and Carissa!



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